Life at Campion

We invite to join your brother Jesuits from the East Coast who are missioned to the important work of praying for the Society of Jesus (ora pro Soc.) and looking at the next stage of their lives.


To Jesuits considering a new mission to Campion Health & Wellness Center











We invite you to join your brother Jesuits here at Campion Health & Wellness.  You will find that Jesuits come here for a variety of reasons.  Some come for short-term rehabilitation following an orthopedic procedure. Some may come for reconditioning after an acute care hospitalization, and some may come because they require the supportive structure and oversite to manage the symptoms of chronic illness and/or older age.  All come here when they are facing health infirmity, so they can do so along with their brother Jesuits from the east coast.

It is commonplace in our culture today when each of us has to evaluate our options for the next stage of life.  I know that in general no one wants the “nursing home”; one may be a bit more open to what is called the “assisted living facility” although for many this can still seem like just a gateway placement to the nursing home.

And so it is with Jesuits.  Many Jesuits struggle with the next stage, leaving their home, leaving their family, leaving their lives of dedicated ministry to one that is a bit less intensely focused. In general I see this unfolding.


But I don’t know that it is really about the ‘place’, whether nursing home or assisted living facility.  Once again we relearn that the real issue is not about what is on the outside it is really all about what is going on for you on the inside.

What you do with your inside is entirely up to you.

My only wish here for you at Campion, is to free you up sufficiently that you have the time and space, the energy and focus to enable you to do what you want to do.  I just want to release you from some of the mundane challenges that creep in as your stage moves to the next level.

  • Allow us to provide meals three times per day, seven days per week.
  • Allow us to refill your prescription and provide you with the prompt when indicated to take your pill.
  • Allow us, should you choose, to have the twice weekly physician/nurse practitioner stop by to see you when you have a question.
  • Allow us to have the Campion driver bring you into the city for your appointment.
  • Perhaps a few visits with the physical therapist will allow you to manage the stairs on campus better without your back twinging so.
  • What we don’t do is restrict or confine, limit or define.

Be with your Jesuit brothers who are looking at the next stage too.  Take advantage of the structures your Jesuit brothers have been long putting into place to care, inform, entertain, and heal you.

Sometimes the hardest part is letting go enough to allow the well-being in.

Stewart R. Goff
Campion Center Health & Wellness

Fr. Gerry McLaughlin, SJ

Fr. Gerry McLaughlin, SJ – Director of Economic Development, Jamaican Credit Union League Jamaica, West Indies

“Jesuits should have no qualms about coming to Campion Center Health & Wellness. You’ll be well taken care of. The supportive staff makes it clear that they want you to live life to the fullest. The care they provide extends life and the quality of life. My private room and bath are extremely comfortable. Being 20 minutes from Boston provides us access to some of the best medical facilities in the world.

I have access to my friends and family – some come to visit from New York, some from Maine. We have wide-open access to the place and the world around us. The programs they provide are positive and sensible. They touch many parts of our lives recreation, intellectual, cultural, and so many others.”


Fr. James Woods, SJ

Fr. James Woods, SJ – Dean, Woods College of Advancing Studies, Boston College

“At Campion Center, everything’s about the people. They are welcoming and make you feel at home. The competent staff at Campion Center Health & Wellness are friendly and fun to be with. They share their own lives through stories about their families. I’ve come to know them and their families. Meals are enjoyable, and the conversation goes on – even as they are stripping the tables. My friends and former students visit regularly. You can’t beat the daily chapel. You’ll like it!”


Fr. Fred Maples, SJ


Jungian Analyst and Spiritual Director

Retirement need not be a curtain coming down: the end. For me it has been more a way of slowing down my work and beginning a new act.

In terms of work, I went from seeing five clients each day while working five days a week, to seeing three clients each day and I work three days each week. I find that here at Campion Center Health & Wellness I am free to practice my profession and determine my own pace – and the Society has been supportive of this.

At times my life has been aimed at a sharply defined goal like obtaining my diploma in Jungian Analysis. But now it is about living out of my center, not into a goal.

At 77 years of age, while my work slows down, my life opens into a more contemplative way with more time for meditation, for reading and learning, for reflection and new relationships. It is a new time in my life with both meaning and enjoyment. I hope I am more open to God’s agenda which I try to meet as a revelation.